5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Posture

Your posture is the thing that dictates your range of motion. If your posture is unhealthy, it can lead to more severe health issues as your body ages. This can be easily corrected at any age with some conviction and some simple reminders to help out.
So’ let’s get to it shall we?

#1 Don’t Be A Slouch

This is the most commonly known, yet overlooked one in this list. The very act of maintaining an erect spine while you go about your day can work wonders on your health. Not to mention it subconsciously makes you more self confident. By keeping your back upright while sitting or standing it gives the feeling of empowerment.

#2 Taping

This method is a bit more drastic, but will be a constant reminder for the wearer. What you do is use tape from one shoulder to the opposite hip, then do the same thing on the other side as well. this makes an x across your back and keeps your shoulders and spine erected. It works better if you hold back your shoulders slightly before taping them. To increase the stiffness, you can tape across the top of the x, from shoulder to shoulder. Ask someone to help with this one.

#3 Visualizing

Some people prefer to visualize a string or thread that is connected from head to toe. Whenever you think of the string you remember your posture and straighten up. Some folks even say that they can feel the string, metaphorically speaking. This can be a very powerful way to remind yourself to straighten up and walk right.

#4 Put Down The Phone

The smartphone is a great invention. It has some posture drawbacks however. Studies have been proven to show that the amount of screen time people spend has increased, along with neck pain. It is highly recommended that you take a few breaks (regularly) from Facebooking or texting and so on. Most of us are aware of this one, but have a very difficult time pulling that smartphone from our clutches.

#5 Stand Up And Stretch

Most people in the information age have a job where sitting in front of a screen is mandatory. Make sure that you take the time to stand up and stretch often. If you go out for lunch breaks, walk to the location if possible. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to keep your body in motion. You can even set an alarm on your PC or leave a stick note at your desk to remind you.

These are some very easy and more importantly, effective ways to keep standing tall.