9 Breathtaking Vintage Décor Ideas for 2016

Vintage decor is increasing in popularity in the coming year for its cozy and rustic tone that it incorporates into the home. For those who want to transform their space, there are a number of vintage ideas to model for a beautiful style. To create a breathtaking interior, there are a few vintage decor trends that are currently trending for 2016.

1. Transform Old Funnels into Candlestick Holders

Add a bit of vintage eclecticism into your home by turning old funnels upside down and sticking small candlesticks in them. This can be used on an accent table or as a centerpiece.

2. Make a Wood Pallet Ceiling

Cover the ceiling of a bedroom or living room in reclaimed wood from old wood pallets for a beautiful design that will enhance the warmth in the space.

3. Use Two Wood Sources for Furniture

If you want to incorporate vintage decor into your home with original pieces that you hand make, opt for using two different wood sources for an eclectic style that is rustic and has plenty of detail.

4. Frame Vintage Pieces

According to TribLive.com, you can display beautiful vintage pieces in the home for gorgeous artwork that includes old magazine covers, letters, and fabric. You can hang multiple pieces on the wall together for an attractive design that takes up space and all complements one another.

5. Mismatch the Dining Chairs

Allow dining room to have a vintage style by mismatching dining chairs that you use. Consider mixing different styles that you find at flea markets and secondhand stores for a gorgeous style that is custom with the design. Don’t be afraid to mix upholstered pieces with wood chairs to add extra detail that doesn’t look uniform.

6. Make a Wine Rack Out of a Wood Pallet

An easy way to beautifully display your wine in a kitchen or dining room is by hanging a small wood pallet where wine glasses and various bottles can be stored.

7. Layer Vintage Rugs

One of the most popular vintage decor ideas for 2016 is layering different types of rugs that are from various eras. This will create a cozy look in the home that is still current and updated with how it’s styled. Layer the rugs in an entryway, in a home office, or at the foot of a bed.

8. Make Use of Wood Pieces

Vintage decor in 2016 means mixing different pieces of wood and allowing them to serve a variety of purposes, according to ottawacitizen.com. Use an old tree stump for a stool, a wood slab for a cutting board, or a large stump for a coffee table.

9. Use a Vintage Bar Cart

Bar carts are officially back in style with vintage decor for a functional item that is also stylish. Use the cart to store liquor, a record player, or house plants. The cart will make for a unique fixture in the home that stands out.