Business Cards: 9 Ways to Stand Out From the Rest

Business cards have been around for hundreds of years, but they’re still just as important today as they ever were. If you’re looking to get some new business cards made, don’t let yours look boring. Sure, a basic business card gets the job done, but don’t you want to stand out from your competitors?

Try the following 9 tips and tricks to really make your business cards pop!

1. Choose your information wisely.

A lot of people think that putting every imaginable tidbit of information on a card is the best idea. Actually, this is the worst idea. That’s too much information. Put your name, your contact information, your website and maybe one or two other things on the card. If they reach out to you or check out your website, they can learn everything else they’ll need to know about you.

2. Make it easy to read.

Again, simple is key. Don’t clutter the face of your card with nonsense. Instead, use legible fonts, and organize the information in an easy to read manner.

3. Include a picture or graphic.

Even though you want simple to be your focus, including a picture or graphic isn’t a bad idea to add interest. Try choosing something that really gets the point of your business or trade across to the customer or client instead of just a logo.

4. Consider having two languages on the card.

Depending on your business, you may be dealing with people who don’t speak English. In the United States, having Spanish on your card wouldn’t be a bad idea, and it may make the difference for someone who is bilingual themselves or wants to work with someone who is bilingual.

5. Try adding a quote.

If you don’t want to convey more about your business with a picture or graphic, try using a quote. Inspiring or funny quotes are always welcome, and it helps your customers and clients get to know the real you better.

6. Make sure to include social media.

Today, social media is a must if you’re looking to nab more clients and customers. Make sure to have all your most important social media links on your card.

7. Make it useful.

Why not make your card actually do something? Some people give out cards that double as magnifying glasses, rulers, bottle openers or pens.

8. Get creative with shape and size.

Who says all business cards have to be the same size and landscape? You can make your business card vertical, square, see-through or any other way. Some people even give out pop-up business cards!

9. Have a lot of them, and use them often.

Some people make the bad mistake of not getting enough cards. Especially if they put a lot of effort and money into their cards, they might only purchase a few. This means that they’ll be stingy when giving them out. Don’t let this be you! You want as many cards as possible out there, and the business will come rolling in.