How To Maintain The Grounds Outside Your Business

In business, first impressions are very important and they often make a lasting impression on your client. The landscape surrounding your business is often one of the first things people notice as they head to your business. Have a poorly maintained lawn and litter strewn all over the parking lot and clients will already have a bad impression about you and your company before they ever set foot inside. On the opposite spectrum, having a neat, clean and well maintained lawn will give clients a good impression as they walk inside your door. To make a good first impression on clients, you will need to make sure the grounds outside your business are well maintained. This will involve a lot of work, but it can be done with proper management and careful planning.

To take good care of your business grounds you must first have a plan in place. Having a solid plan in place will allow you to effectively manage your grounds and quickly address any issues such as pests, or tree damage. As described in the Arizona State University facilities page, grounds maintenance involves a lot of work. Activities involved in ground maintenance include mowing lawns, trimming shrubs, thinning and cutting tree branches, debris removal,installing sprinklers, applying pesticides and fertilizer and planting seasonal flowers. There are many other services involved in ground upkeep such as pest removal, drainage, installation of signs, pavement maintenance and setting up fencing.

Unless you plan on doing all of this work yourself, your best bet to keep your grounds in tip-top shape is to hire a commercial landscaping company to take care of your grounds for you. Look for landscaping companies that service your specific industry, such as retail, hospitality, corporate office etc. Ask about the experience a company has, whether they are insured, past clients, and their company policies regarding employees. Professionalism should be a top priority of any company your hire to take care of your grounds. You want a licensed landscaping company with employees that will know how to take care of your grounds so that they look great. Skimping on professionalism or hiring the cheapest landscaper may backfire and leave your grounds in worse shape.

If you are thinking about giving your landscape a complete makeover, then consider hiring the services of a landscape architect. While a landscape company will take of your grounds, an architect designs a landscape and ground layout for you. If you have moved into a new facility with a neglected landscape or want a makeover, then hiring a landscape architect is an excellent idea. They will design a beautiful landscape that is sure to impress staff and clients. If your grounds are big, then you might also want to consider having a full time or round the clock groundskeeper. Groundskeepers are experts in the upkeep of your property. If you have a major corporate office, campus or lots of property on your business then getting one or more groundskeepers is the best way to maintain your grounds.

Having a well thought out plan and choosing the right people to design and take care of your grounds will ensure that your property remains in excellent shape. Give your business grounds some thought, attention and lots of care and it will look great and create a positive first impression on visitors to your business.