Savvy Home Décor Ideas for Your New House

Whether you’re starting from scratch or starting over, moving to a new home gives you the chance to incorporate fresh and fabulous ideas into your décor. A great way to begin the process is by imagining the kind of atmosphere you want to create in your new place. A clean slate means you can decorate the space to suit your unique personality to perfection. Once you’ve decided upon the general feeling and style you want to establish, use these clever suggestions to help you achieve your design goals.

Make Focal Points Pop

Rooms with too many attention-grabbing objects can make your home feel cramped and chaotic. The secret to attaining an uncluttered look lies in creating artful focal points that arrest the eye. Star attractions like artwork, area rugs or handsome pieces of furniture are most effective as focal points when they’re set against a neutral background. In a room with a subtle color palette, the right focal point can set the mood for the entire space.

Optimize Natural Light

While an abundance of lighting fixtures is essential in a too-dark home, don’t overlook strategies that make the most of the limited light you have. Steer clear of dark furnishings and accessories that absorb the light. Painting the ceiling and walls a light, glossy color amplifies the room’s natural illumination. A savvy tip featured in the Chicago Tribune is to use white matting when framing artwork. The light color creates a contrast that makes both the art and the walls appear brighter.

Add Some Sparkle

Accessories that shine and sparkle reflect light and make your whole home feel more alive and dynamic. To maximize the effect, choose objects with the same type of finish, color or material. As unifying elements, they’ll add a feeling of cohesion to the room’s design. As illustrated at Huffington Post, you can also use gold spray paint or another sparkly finish to transform your current knick-knacks or to create new accents from objects like branches and leaves.

Mind the Details

Nothing spoils the look of a newly decorated space like generic lighting fixtures, boring hardware or dated switch plates. Updating these often-overlooked details will add a polished look to your new home that will leave visitors wondering if you got help from a professional. Whether it’s a new set of quirky cabinet pulls for the kitchen or a paper lantern to hang over a bland overhead light, replacing those came-with-place fixtures also offers you an affordable way to imprint the space with your unique personality.

Make Every Purchase Count

Even when you’re shopping for functional items like storage containers, shelving or trash bins, keep in mind that that everything you purchase can impact your overall décor. Take the time to consider the object’s color, finish and shape, and resist the temptation to buy anything that doesn’t suit your personal taste. In the end, that’s what makes decorating a new place so enjoyable. It provides you with the opportunity to create a personalized environment that makes you feel right at home.