Top 5 Tips for Arranging Art and Accessories in Your Home

If only your house could look like those you see in magazines. It can if you follow the top 5 tips in arranging art and home decor items for stunning results. You do not necessarily have to be design savvy to pull it off. You will be surprised at how quickly you can bring a stylish designer look to every room in your house.

Let the Rooms Breathe

The tendency of placing too many items in one open space makes the room feel very cramped and overloaded. Leave enough space between the furnishings, decor and art to allow the room to breathe. The finished look will be one that appears larger and more spacious. Adding too many items gives an undeniably clunky and cluttered feel. There are many times that less is more. Look to add quality over quantity.

Level Pictures Like a Professional

Art galleries have a set system in how they place artwork on the walls. Paintings and pictures are hung 57 to 60 inches from the floor to ensure that the average human eyesight height of 57 inches is achieved. The observer can have a comfortable look at the artwork you display.

The Selection of Wall Color Should Be Last

It is much easier to change the color of the walls than it is to adjust artwork and home decor. Reach the finish line with the objects and furnishings before you make any decisions about painting the walls. Doing this part any other way can leave you stuck wondering why it is not turning out the way you had hoped. The obvious choice in colors will be easily apparent once you are done with the job at hand.

Pick Creativity Over Themes

Ocean and cowboy themes may seem like a cute idea, but they are a disaster when it comes to adding designer class to your home. Theme rooms are part of a by-gone era that needs to stay gone. Use creativity in fabric colors, textures, decor item sizes and shapes and personal preferences on paintings or portraits to lead you to great designer decisions.

Work From a Single Focal Point

Pick an object to be your main focal point and make everything else work with the item. Distracted designer touches tend to leave a room design looking disjointed and cluttered. Make every decision count. A great example is using a fireplace in a den as the focus piece. Adding the right decor and artwork to complement the shape, color and prominence of that item becomes much easier. It is about offering a pleasant flow that simply works.

You are well on your way to having that picture perfect home and it is easier than you can imagine. Get your home decorator creativity fired up and enjoy a professional design look today!